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Our Model

The Pure Foundation is an innovative philanthropic trust that is the cornerstone of the Pure eco-system approach to change. Although the Foundation is still in its infancy, it's purpose is broad and evolving. It seeks to harness an eco-system style mission rather than targeting just one specific social cause or outcome:

"To co-create and embody instruments of peace"


It operates a 100% "to cause" model, which means that any donation made to the foundation will ultimately go to cause areas without any dilution. All administration, compliance and audit costs are covered by the Pure group social businesses. 


The Foundation also invests 100% of its corpus into a range of impact investments, vision aligned projects and startups (for more information visit

5% of the corpus is allocated to making grants to impact partners and philanthropic impact.

The Pure Foundation is funded by a growing family of social businesses, the communities that support them and vision aligned philanthropists. This combined eco-system approach is known as Pure. All social businesses in the group donate 100% of profits to non-profits through the Foundation.

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Impact Partners


The Pure social businesses provide an opportunity for patrons to choose which type of cause they wish to benefit and have made small donations and grants to a wide range of not for profit organisations as well as larger grants to long term beneficiaries.

The group also acts as infrastructure to empower over 65 local registered Australian non-profits, through its social businesses.

Depending on which social business, group profits are either donated straight to non-profits or back into the foundation, and the corpus is invested in new projects whilst always remaining 100% endowed to a range long-term partner causes. Staff of the businesses, choose causes they are passionate about and are encouraged to visit the work of our impact partners, and some will even receive a trip to see first hand the work our foundation supports.

The most powerful tangible impact is generated intrinsically, by embodying the change we seek as a collective, not simply through donations. The key example of that is the Symbols of Hope program. A scholarship based model to support people who have fallen through societies gaps. Supporting them on their journey to reach their true potential.

Portrait of Mariama | Symbols of Hope Participant                   By Kathrin Longhurst

Symbols of Hope empowers people from asylum seeker backgrounds, people with a disability and other disadvantaged groups. It operates a training model as a pathway to employment but also may work with partners like Salvation Army who assist some participants with crisis accommodation, counselling and legal advice.

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Symbols of Hope
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Symbols of Hope
Symbols of Hope
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What is Pure?






Est. 2007

Pure is an ever evolving, interconnected tribe of people and organisations. A globally minded family, who are bound together by interwoven dreams of what the future could be. We are united in our ambition to live our values, each and every day. Connected via a tapestry of bespoke social business models and philanthropic projects, run by passionate purpose driven teams. Supported by a diverse community of customers, investors, donors, impact partners, business leaders and other unique collaborators from around the world.  Pure is perhaps best summarised by the simple underlying core principle, that despite our differences, the value we create together, is much greater than in isolation. The hospitality group voting model is outlined on the venues sites (here). A complete group summary and operating model is outlined in more detail (here). The group is currently working with a range of different stakeholders and advisers to compose a white paper on the ecosystem approach and plans to open sources a snapshot of every intricate detail of the model in 2020. We are always looking for any feedback or ideas on how we could improve or enhance the model, so please connect below if you have any insights or thoughts to share.

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